IDR 95,000

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Take Control Of Your Flash Photography.

The Lambency Flash Diffuser is an innovative diffuser that will work with almost any hotshoe flashgun. A unique dome fits onto the head of your flash and, when pointed upward, bounces the light off the circular lid and scatters the light in a 360º angle reducing harsh shadows and for more natural and flattering lighting.

Perfect Portraits.  

Ideal for use both on camera and for off-camera flash, the Lambency Flash Diffuser further diffuses the light to maintain stunning highlights and catch lights in the eyes while protecting your images from being overblown.

Shipping with an extra Ambervault lid for more creative shots, the Lambency Flash Diffuser is ideal for portrait and event photography with the result being slightly warm and far more flattering.

What’s In The Box:

1 x Lambency Flash Diffuser.
1 x Cloudy Diffuser Lid.
1 x Ambervault Diffuser Lid.